tandemPV Workshop 2024

Tandem Stability Contest

Dear tandemPV Workshop participants,

This year, for the first time, we are offering tandemPV participants the Tandem Stability Contest.

An important milestone was reached in 2022 when the first research groups achieved a power conversion efficiency above 30% with a perovskite/silicon tandem device, breaking a psychological barrier and showing the potential of this material combination. Next, it becomes evident that a contest should consider not only the efficiency but also the upscaling potential and, last but not least, the stability of the device. With this in mind, we are launching a new competition that considers not only efficiency, but also the device area and its endurance to stringent stress tests.

It is now evident that stability under humidity exposure or damp-heat tests can be achieved through the combination of device properties and excellent encapsulation. However, perovskite devices face a next challenge under typical operating conditions of temperature and illumination. While these parameters do not yet cover the full spectrum of stress and reliability tests, they represent a crucial must-have feature after efficiency performance and before even more comprehensive stability, reliability, and outdoor testing.

The new contest in preparation for the tandemPV 2024 edition aims to identify state-of-the-art tandem devices in terms of endurance against performance degradation under one-sun illumination at a constant temperature of up to 85°C.

The contest is far from being a scientifically bulletproof method but aims to draw attention to a critical degradation mechanism in perovskite devices. Efficiency is no longer the leading parameter. In fact, we use a scoring system in which 50% of the points are awarded for stability, 25% for efficiency, and 25% for device area. This means that a stable device with a large area and acceptable efficiency will outperform a device with the highest efficiency alone.

To participate, please use the following Google form: https://forms.gle/6SwcgWxgjiiZXcdK7 (A Google account is required to use the form).

We hope you enjoy participating in the contest and encourage you to submit your champion of stability device.

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam.

The Contest Steering Committee,

Gianluca Coletti (UNSW),
Erkan Aydin (KAUST),
Daniel Tüne (ISC Konstanz),
Hande Ciftpinar (TNO),
Valerio Zardetto (TNO),
Stefan Glunz (Fraunhofer ISE)