Workshop Topics

  • Day 1: Materials Research for Tandem Solar Cells
    The first day will be dedicated to materials research, discussing the challenges in top and bottom cell materials including carrier selective contacts and interconnection layers for tandems.
  • Day 2: Tandem Solar Cell Devices and Modules
    On the second day, we will focus on tandem devices, with a special focus on silicon-based tandem cells such as perovskite-silicon solar cells. We will also look at other technologies like CIGS- or III-V based multijunction cells or pero-pero tandem cells. Since the interconnection and encapsulation of tandem cells raises new challenges, module technology will be another important topic.
  • Day 3: Upscaling – Industrialization – Yield
    The workshop will be rounded off on the third day with an industry day, where topics such as upscaling, industrialization and long-term stability of tandem cells and modules will be covered.